Directions for your Program Director when writing the Letter of Recommendation for a Yale/Stanford J&J Global Health Scholars Program applicant

Applicants: Please forward this page to your Program Director.  Click on the Envelope/Email button on the upper right bar on this page that has the FaceBook and Twitter icons, and send this information to your PD.

Program Directors: Your resident is applying to participate in a six week rotation in an under-resourced medical setting. S/He may have limited medications, few diagnostic tools, spotty electricity, sporadic internet access, and or limited water, and may be working with colleagues who don't speak English and who approach providing medical care differently.  In our experience, a successful Scholar is one who is both flexible and creative, and able to adept to the challenges.  We would therefore appreciate it if you would address the applicant's flexibility in a professional setting, in addition to their clinical readiness, commitment to serving the underserved, and personal maturity.

You can send your sealed letter to the applicant to include in their application packet (preferred) or you can snail mail or email the letter (on letterhead) to me.


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